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Property Measurement & Proposal Tools for Service Contractors 

Measure More Properties, Bid More Jobs & Win More Sales with Online Property Measurement

Our Software as a Service applications, Go iLawn and Go iPave, combine high resolution aerial photography, measuring tools and property information in easily accessible web based applications. We offer 100% coverage of the U.S. and Canada, making it easy to view and measure any property, anytime, from the comfort and convenience of your office.

Go iLawn, Online Property Measurement for Landscape Contractors

Go iLawn was the first online subscription service we created. It launched in 2009 and aimed to help lawn and landscape contractors measure more properties in less time. Since its inception, thousands of green industry companies have used Go iLawn to measure properties for chemical application, landscape maintenance, irrigation services, design-build projects, snow removal and more.

With Go iLawn You Can:Property measuring tools for landscape contractors

  • Measure turf, mulch, asphalt, sidewalks- any outdoor surface for landscape estimates
  • Count trees, shrubs, parking stalls, and other objects
  • Determine equipment needs and capabilities for a project
  • Create property diagrams for customers, crews, office staff and sales presentations
  • Prepare estimates for landscape maintenance, lawn care, irrigation, snow removal and more

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Go iPave, Property Measuring Solutions for Pavement Maintenance Contractors

Go iPave launched in early 2010 after Go iLawn became popular among pavement maintenance contractors. Since then, Go iPave has been used by thousands of contrators to measure properties for line striping, patching, milling, sealcoating, street sweeping, asphalt repair and more.

With Go iPave You Can:Property measuring tools for pavement contractors

  • Measure square feet or yards of parking lots, driveways and roads
  • Measure and identify line striping and pavement markings
  • Measure for patches and pavement repairs
  • Count parking stalls, speed bumps, light poles, parking lot entrances, drains, arrows etc.
  • Create work-flow diagrams for customers, crews, office staff and sales presentations

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Go iTalk, Where Contractors go to be in ‘The Know’.Go iTalk is the Go iLawn and Go iPave Blog

Go iTalk is our company blog that we launched in June 2012. Go iTalk is intended to provide profitable ideas, insights and information to contractors. Our goal is to provide timely and relevant information about property measurement, management, sales, marketing and more to help contractors grow their businesses.

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